About us

About us

Our goal is to make cargo bikes useful for businesses. Every cargo bike used commercially should have a setup by Velofracht on top.

We plan and build setups and accessories as well as special solutions for cargo bike manufacturers as well as other customers from all trades.

We run our own workshop for metal, wood and plastic processing in the MotionLab in Berlin.

Our founders



CEO & Technical Director

Nico is founder and CEO of Velofracht. He is a trained artist and developed the 8rad for cargo bikes. The passion never left since then.



CEO & Business Director

Nico and Jonas know each other through Cargobikefans Berlin. The graduated economics engineer and seasoned CEO is responsible for the business side of Velofracht, from our business processes to sales and accounting.

Gefördert von

Velofracht wurde als eins von sechs Teams unter 84 Bewerbern zur Teilnahme am Imagine 2030-Accelerator ausgewählt,
gefördert durch Instrument 5 des Europäischen Sozialfonds: