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December 2019 | für Holzapfel & Cie. KG

Tea bike

The tea bike is a representative flagship of our brand and our products. Velofracht carried out the development and construction of this complex project professionally and brought it to a successful result.

Arne Holzapfel
CEO, Holzapfel & Cie. KG

The renowned tea retailer Holzapfel & Cie. KG was looking for a new way to offer high-quality teas to a wide audience. We developed the tea bike, a bicycle trailer with a choice of gas- or electricity-powered kettle, which heats the water to the required 90°C .

The trailer is a lightweight construction with a total weight of only 170kg including two hot water systems and an electrical system. It has been approved by the district office according to the hygiene regulations.

Many loving details have made the tea bike one of our most challenging projects so far. If you want to experience the tea bike live, you can find it at the S- and Fernbahnhof Berlin-Südkreuz.

December 2019
Holzapfel & Cie. KG
Velove Armadillo