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January 2016 | für Nico Jungel

The 8rad was built by our CEO and technical director Nico Jungel to challenge the way we look at cities, space and transportation. Its size relates to a parking space and to traffic. It claims the right to the road for bicycles. It is built on the opinion that (electric) mobility must be shown from the point of view of the bicycle.

Cars are far too big and heavy within the cities in relation to their supply. The 8rad holds the vision of cheap transportation within cleaner, quieter, safer cities inhabited by happier and healthier citizens. After a long journey Velofracht GmbH was born to be able to practically implement the necessary social change.

January 2016
Nico Jungel

Verwandte Projekte

Monitor bike

Extendible monitor and lots of room for flyers and material

Cargo trailer as sales stand

Tarpaulin/frame system with an adjustable roof and sales table as a market stall

Cargo bike as first-class information booth

Lots of cargo space, drawers, fridge and roof

Modern bar bike

Promotional bike with big cooler for drinks

Sales display on a cargo bike

Mobile presentation of books and other products

Monitor bike

Cargo bike with large LCD TV and plenty of storage space