Container for cargo bike logistics

Adaptable container system for logistics with cargo bikes

Our container was developed over many iterations and provides weather and access protection not only for the Vowag Cargo M. Customers are free to choose doors on the side or the back, closure vertical or horizontal, fixed or on wheels.

The walls are made of recycled plastic and are food safe, unlike the often encountered containers made of fiberglass. The locking system is borrowed from the automotive technology and allows thousands of quick and one-handed operations. It is also available with a key or RFID chip to lock the system.

In addition to stability and suitability for everyday use, we focused on low weight during development. This allows a higher payload.

Also available for other bikes!

starts at 2,677.50 € incl. VAT (2,250 € net) excl. bike¹

¹ Prices and delivery times are non-binding, please contact us for an offer.