Our Products

Our products make cargo bikes and trailers usable for businesses. Here you find our series and pre-series products. Für special developments or adapations please contact us!


Tourist Information

mobile information booth

Mobile Platform

Mobile library and play bus

Monitor bike

Extendible monitor and lots of room for flyers and material

Cargo bike as first-class information booth

Lots of cargo space, drawers, fridge and roof

"Ida Info"

Mobile information point

Customer contact with 2 big tables

Mobile platform with many options

Mobile Info XL

Mobile folding boards


Cargo trailer as sales stand

Tarpaulin/frame system with an adjustable roof and sales table as a market stall

Modern bar bike

Promotional bike with big cooler for drinks

Classic bar bike

Mobile counter in the style of the 1920s

Sales display on a cargo bike

Mobile presentation of books and other products

Marketing bike with display case

Quickly positioned eye catcher for every product


The mobile Craftsman

Bring material and tools on site

Transport box

Custom made for a gardener

Maintenance Kit

Drawers and storage on customers request

Mobile workshop on Fleximodal Runner

Tools and material always with you


Container Semitrailer

more than 2.5m³

Bicycle semi-tractor

Semi-tractor for large loads

Rain-proof tarpauline for bike trailers

"Bruce Bike"

Quick loading and safe transport of bike fleets

"Karl Koffer"

Strong and lockable

"Lissy Load"

Load platform with ramp and lashing points for Loadhog system

"Little Load"

Load platform with ramp and lashing points

"Paul Plane"

Tarpauline for Carla Cargo trailer

Box with sliding big lid

Lightweight and maximum capacity

Container for cargo bike logistics

Adaptable container system for logistics with cargo bikes

Tarpaulin system for Citkar Loadster/Max

Flexible weather protection on Citkar bikes

Tarpaulin system for XYZ Cargo

Flexible weather protection for XYZ Cargo Fourwheeler

Transport box for Christiania bike

Flexible transport box with a sliding lid/table

Transport box for XYZ Cargo

Transport box with a sliding lid/table for XYZ Cargo eTrike


Kids Bike Transporter

Carry your kids bikes


Urn transport on a bike

Dignified vessel for the last ride

Mobile showers

Karuna project providers showers for homeless in Berlin

Air measurement bike

The air quality in Berlin is measured with the air measurement bike

Tea bike

Trailer with electricity

Funeral bike

For dignified, climate-friendly funerals

Mobile stage

Live music on the road